1. A downie who contests with other downie's in sub 4 subbing.
2. A way of saying somebody has an uncertain gender.
3. A form of retardation (Zero syndrome)
1. zerodecoole "S 4 S" other downie "EYE SOOB SOB BAK PLZ"
2. I am sorry miss...but your child is a zerodecoole
3. I bear more bad news...your child has zero syndrome. I suggest burning your retarded ridden zerodecoole.
by zerodecoole July 25, 2010
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Top Definition
A noob who used to have about 20 subscribers on Youtube and made horrible pivot animations, and the ideas were always stolen. He started spamming around youtube, talking like he is the best and he copy's the way people talk, just to sound more adult like. He claims he stopped sub for subbing long ago, but this isn't true. He has about 40 real subscribers, the 1000 other people are sub for subbed. Nowadays, he sub for subs, sucks up to people who made their account in 2005 to find more people to sub for sub with, spams on Fred's Youtube page for subscribers/friends and he has over 3000 subscriptions. He also chats with ZooMakesFunOfYou because he will never talk to a real girl.
Zerodecoole Youtube 2005 idiot
by Thetruthaboutzerodecoole July 25, 2010

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