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Disorder where one gets frustrated with the "let's be zen culture" and express negative emotion at the sight of zen Buddhist (often misrepresented) ideals , and attitudes that has spread all over the western culture.

May also include a strong reaction of disgust towards yoga doing, Lululemon wearing hipsters who think they act like they are all 'zen' and peaceful but in actuality they are just doing it cause all their friends are doing it. matter of fact, they hate it so they go and buy expensive sweatpants for motivation.
Guy1: ohhh dude why did that guy punch the girl with the yoga mat on the street for no reason at all.
Guy2: oh yea, he must have zenphobia
Guy1: oh she looks so zen passed out on the street
Guy 2 punches the Guy 1
by ANTH2010-ZENPHOBIA October 27, 2010
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