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Legendary Status or God Like.
That Zeno is one to look up to and heed all he says.
Lucky for the world a man like this exsists.
by zeno January 18, 2005
Tha tightest of all niggas. The mack daddy
Dayum that foo is fly. Theycall him Zeno
by HOVA February 25, 2003
One of the three supposed Top-Rank Turks. Known for his skills at gaming, his love of music, manipulation and psychology.
Zeno is a fuckin genious
by Anonymous November 19, 2004
A company that will give you IT qualifications that would usually take years in just 5months, and in the process you will sign your life over to them they will take your home and social life stamp all over it and by the time you finish the course you will be on a nervous breakdown and will not want to use another computer as long as you shal live and also have 10 years on the sick recovering.
"hi my name is mr zenos i am here to day to bore you to death with 2 sh*t jokes and 7,000,000 slides that will last the rest of your life"

it is a microsoft organisation trainning and work experience scheme.
by ian david wright October 12, 2007
The title given to he that has defeated both god and Titan.
Only one Zenos can exist at any given time, all though there was an insane battle between two who challenged each other for the title and it's powers. the "Zenos" is a combination of the names of the most powerful of each being. Zeus and Cronos (Kronos).
That Battle between Kratos and Jachimike was insane. Never going to be a better one. Jachimike won though and is now the new Zenos.

Fuck that! The Zenos is a myth!

Shit, move the Zenos is coming.
by the Gentlemanx January 25, 2012
Zenos is actually the secret name for an organisation otherwise referred to as "the sunshine foundation". This organisation is responsible for the commonly known 'sunshine bus' which helps give fun and learning opportunities to downs syndrome suffering children. When people attend Zenos, the children do pretty colourings and use potato prints, so that they can then gain a certificate. This certificate gives an equivalent qualification to a year 6 S.A.T. assessment. Zenos as an organisation is particularly interested in giving children who have affros opportunities.
you go zenos?

yeah its super cool!
by A_monk April 27, 2011
Zenos Training Academies deliver training programmes, funded by the LSC, to young people wanting to take their first steps in a career in the IT industry, and then help them secure that vital first position. Zenos was judged in 2008 to provide an outstanding standard in educating young people in only 5 months.
I studied at Zenos instead of going to uni
by Crazyiom July 28, 2010
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