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The sexiest people alive and are drop dead gorgeous. Usually come from a Romanian background and are absolutely AMAZING! These type of people are naturally skilled at everything especially sports and are known as the best type of specie out there, but are also very rare. From birth, they knew how to take care of them selves and are unbelievably intelligent. Top of the class, and the best it ever gets. If you ever meet a Zemora, make sure you get to know them, or you WILL regret it.
Your amazing, your totally a Zemora.

Dang, your gorgeous.. are you a Zemora?

Bob: How are you so skilled? You must have practiced a lot.
Zemora: No, im a Zemora, im born like that.
#zemora #amazing #gorgeous #romanian #awesome #beautiful
by Yay :) July 10, 2009
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