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(1) A rotund postal worker who is also an aficionado of bowling.

(2) A connoisseur of heavily salted and/or deep-fried products.

(3) An individual who believes that bowling ball inserts are free.

(4) A worshipper of Dave Thomas and those damn tasty nuggets.
Look at that Zelmak at the snack bar!


Hey, don't Zelmak that split!
by HuhManMan April 19, 2004
1. A oversized postman chomping on gum wildly while wearing pants too short to be jeans but too long to be shorts, otherwise known as a skirt
2. A slack-jaw, yokel look when appearing to lose track of scoring in a bowling match in which you proceed to throw a ball away not realizing that you could still win the wood.
3.A chubby individual who farts when a full house is revealed during a summer card game following a chinese food break
4.Anyone who sleeps on a dresser or owns only 5 shirts and puts them in rotation.
1. Look at Zelmak chewing on the gum, and he's wearing the skirt too!
2. Zelmak just blew it again, he only got a seven count.
3. Follwing Chicken and Broccali, Zelmak farted with a full house.
4. He's wearing clothes from the Zelmak collection as he sleeps on the dresser.
by Neal Prager April 25, 2004