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1. Also known as a newbie that is actually a vet. A Zelduh is someone who everyone calls a n00b but has been there longer than anyone yet is still considred a n00b by the vets because he is disliked.

2. A multi-millionaire who lives in a mansion with butlers and is 21 for all eternity.

3. Zelduh Hudlez's first name.

4. A variatian of Zelda, which was turned into a play-on-word by Zelduh Hudlez. Also Zelduh 6t4.
1. omgwtf ur a zelduh u n00b

2. Wow, can you believe how rich Zelduh is?

3. Zelduh is his first name, and his last name is his first name backwards!

4. I want to play Zelduh 6t4 on my Nintendo.
by Zelduh February 06, 2005

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