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1. verb - A fleeting concept often lost in translation, popular with collegiate students, where the growing fad of doing so is spreading between social circles.
Also see: Walderize, Waving email by Google, Pontificate

2. verb - The slang term for getting your fires animal style at IN-n-Out.
Also see: animal style

3. verb - To obliterate using invisible fire.

Orgins: A8101A UCLA, College of Letters and Sciences
1. I zelderize, you zelderize, he/she zelderizes, remember when Google zelderized their system, the priest is zelderizing the young child.

2. At In-n-Out yesterday, I got my fries zelderized, they were delicious.

3. Set phasors to zelderize Mr. Spock.
by UCLA Prof. 101 June 07, 2009

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