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Directed by Shigeru Miyamoto,this is the newest game in the Zelda series, it will be on the Gamecube and the Wii.
The given storyline so far is that the village chief from Link's town selects him to go to a ceremony for him.On the way there an "accident" happens, and Link is captured and gets in a Twilight Realm.Here he meets Midna, a strange creature that has some cell shading, made popular in Wind Waker.Midna rides on Link's back, as he has become a wolf in the Twilight Realm.
At first the Twilight Realm was supposed to be a dark. gloomy area.
But a recent redesign has changed it to be a colorful blend, thats a mix and it is murky.
The Wii version has slightly enhanced graphics, and it takes full control of the innovative Wii controller.It also brings back the popular fishing game made popular in Zelda The Ocarina of Time.
Nintendo has said this will be the best Zelda game to date.This is why many are inticipating it, due to how outstanding Ocarina of Time was.
Many videos have been realesed since the first video in 2004, where everyone was surprised.
Link also has a new style of clothing, which he uses in Super Smash Brothers:Brawl. Epona stays, and now there is horseback action, so you can attack from your horse.
Person 1: Can't wait for Zelda Twilight Princess!
Person 2:Wii or Gamecube one!
Person 2: Freaking both man!!
by TheMagic August 13, 2006
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