An abreviation for a gentle gust of air or wind. Original word Zephyr. Often abreviated when used to describe flatulence.
Hey, Dude... stand downwind of his zef!
by A March 31, 2005
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A geek or uncool person. Someone straightlaced and boring.
A word which originates from Erskine, Scotland. There are different levels of zef. For example, a zef is quite uncool but if you are really, really uncool then you might be called a queen zef or king zef. The highest level of zef is a superqueen or superking.
Hey check him with the hi-tec trainers on, he's a total zef!
by kizmok March 23, 2008
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Zoned keeped Event Faggot on call
"im so zef every weekend"
"zef sure knows howto suck the wingaling"
by the real shot caller January 18, 2013
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