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50% Zebra. 50% unicorn. 100% amazing.
The zebracorn swooped down from the pink sparkly clouds and rammed the evil sea urchin with its mystical rod.
by baginaria May 27, 2009
A mythical creature, buch like a unicorn but substitutiing the horse parts with zebra. The creature also has the added abilites of blending in nearly perfectly to any surronding, making it nearly invisible to the human eye, and if harmed will cause you 12 years of bad luck
Me and Grace went zebracorn hunting the other day. We almost caught one but we missed it cause I was afriad of hurting it. I'm not looking to get 12 years bad luck, no sir.
by TreyJay September 04, 2008
Half zebra. Half unicorn. ZEBRACORN.

The zebracorn is created when the zebra gets fucked up on drugs and travels to mythical kingdoms to mate with the unicorn. Thus, the unicorn is impregnated with a new striped, horned foal. The zebracorn only lives in mythical kingdoms with its mother unicorn.
Jamal: Holy shit! Did you see that?
Tony: I didn't see anything.
Jamal: It was half zebra...half unicorn. That was a fugging zebracorn!
Tony: Jamal, I think you did too much, man...
A mythical creature that is a mix between a unicorn and a zebra
In the story the Zebracorn flew away with its pals to their castle.
by .-. Potatoes March 30, 2015
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