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When a girl gives a hand job with such a harsh grip that she bruises the penis. The resulting bruises makes the penis look like a Zebra. (Is it white with black bruises, or black with white bruises)?
Dude, Becky just gave me a sick-nasty Zebra Job! It hurts so good!
by MOMMMMMMMMMMMM August 13, 2009
A handjob from a black girl and a white girl at the same time. They must interlock fingers to give the black and white stripe appearance of a zebra.
"LaFonda and Amy gave me an awesome zebrajob"
by Iridiumfire November 03, 2009
When Philip Rivers gives the refs head so San Diego can get one step closer to blowing it and never winning a championship. Sometimes refered to as a 'ZJ'.
Yo, did you see that Zebra Job Rivers was giving the refs last night?
by Chargers Eat Balls January 04, 2009
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