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When a girl gives a hand job with such a harsh grip that she bruises the penis. The resulting bruises makes the penis look like a Zebra. (Is it white with black bruises, or black with white bruises)?
Dude, Becky just gave me a sick-nasty Zebra Job! It hurts so good!
by MOMMMMMMMMMMMM August 13, 2009
9 6
A handjob from a black girl and a white girl at the same time. They must interlock fingers to give the black and white stripe appearance of a zebra.
"LaFonda and Amy gave me an awesome zebrajob"
by Iridiumfire November 03, 2009
5 5
When Philip Rivers gives the refs head so San Diego can get one step closer to blowing it and never winning a championship. Sometimes refered to as a 'ZJ'.
Yo, did you see that Zebra Job Rivers was giving the refs last night?
by Chargers Eat Balls January 04, 2009
12 33