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A cross between a Zebra and a Kangaroo.

The Zeboo project started in 2004, after Australia went home empty handed from the Equestrian Olympics. Specialized cross-breeding between different Zebra and Kangaroo species resulted in this extreme competitive jumping machine. In 2008 attempts were made to cross these animals with Australian Thoroughbred
The Zeboo can be ridden with a saddle, but the common preference of travel is within the pouch. Those bushmen who choose to ride atop, often use the pouch for carrying their gear. Zeboo’s are not capable of trotting or jogging, and their gait is that of a 3-beat motion. The lead foreleg followed by the other, and then the rear legs touching down in the same beat. It’s tail is used for balance, and gives the horse great control around challenging obstacles. The Zeboo can travel on 4 legs or two and typically will used it’s tail as a 5th leg for slower gaits for grazing.
by world of toast May 12, 2011

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