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Zayda is a very pretty nice girl , she can be mean at times , but get to know her and she is a very down to earth girl , some say zayda has a body of a goddess . She is a very unique girl with a unique name and a faithful girlfriend to have . Any boy would be lucky to have her.
Zayda is Sexy
#zayda #pretty #nice #girl #mean
by cuteboii719 March 24, 2011
The girl's name Zayda \za(y)-da\ is a variant of Zaida (Arabic), and the meaning of Zayda is "prosperous, fortunate".

a name meaning, "the great".
The woman who just gave an inspiring speech was zayda of all the speakers.
#great #zhyda #zaida #zayda #fortunate #girl
by bustyfront February 04, 2010
(or Zeyda)
Yiddish term for 'Grandfather'
My zayda was no shnook.
#zeyda #zayda #grandfather #yiddish #jewish
by Ben T. April 12, 2007
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