An ignorant young (northern) italian man, usually from the suburbs of Milan and provincial northern italian cities.

The zarro, always uneducated, impolite and probably a fan of soccer/football, loves to drive a scooter and goes around with other zarri making noise, smoking pot and looking for cocaine.

The zarro, unlike his other urban neighbours, has no political beliefs. He just likes to pick random fights with other zarri or bully weaker people in the streets outside his housing estates. Many zarri continue living with their parents well into their 30s as several italians do.

Zarri, as they grow older, try to get involved in "unorganized crime" : drug dealing and the recycling of money made from drug dealing.

A zarro is not necessarily a football hooligan that goes to the stadium, but most stadium goers are zarri in their hearts.

A zarro loves his clothing, and prefers the commercial fashion brands such as D&G, Diesel etc.
I'm not setting foot in that bar, it's full of zarri with Dolce & Gabbana t-shirts.

We had to interview some people for the job and this zarro came in, he could hardly speak proper italian and was rude to the receptionist about her breasts.

If we include more semi-naked girls, soccer players and bad comedians in our television show...we will be catering to the zarri viewers.
by Smack77 August 12, 2009
zero from popular bug tracking tool, bugzilla
e.g, if there is not more bug, you will get :
Zarro Boogs found.
by Elwin the elf April 14, 2008

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