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To take a pill of xanax and then sip sizzurp. This idiotic and perhaps lethal duo of drugs was popularized by poet laureate Soulja Boy Tell 'Em in the aptly-named song "Zan With That Lean."


I got that zan with that lean, smoked up by Irene.
Excuse me, barkeep, do you have any zan to go with this lean?

Ryan: The club is crunk, why is Mark fucking passed out?
Steve: He's on that zan with that lean.

Phillip: Why did he die from?
Uncle Tim: It was a sad case of some zan with that lean.
by Fresh Boy, Ya Smell Me? April 22, 2011
Known as Soulja Boy's new mixtape, "JUICE". Zan with that lean means ,Taking Xanax while drinking Promethazine and Codeine mixed with a drink such as sprite, or Hawaiian punch
Guy:Let's Zan with that lean and go hella stupid at this party.
Friend: Than we can Grab these females and have fun.
by Aniime SODMG April 26, 2011
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