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Commonly referred to as a female version of a pimp or also a madame. Surrounds herself with a hord of manslaves. Females tend to search for her approval due to the high amount of attractive men she gathers around her.

At first look sweet and carrying she certainly runs a tight regime around her harem and has had signifcant impact on the definition of the word of "manhandling". Predestined through her inherited skills of goat-hoarding and silk-trading she shows extraordinary success in her profession.

She can be commonly recognized by her extravagant wardrobe and her hairstyles which do not always meet approval of society's perception of esthetics.
Zakia: Where you at?

Bottom Bitch: At home.

Zakia: See you at the library in 5!

Bottom Bitch: But...

Zakia: hangs up the phone

Bottom Bitch: starts walking to the library
by Allnamesalreadyused February 06, 2010
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