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A Slovenian lastname, with the possible name variations of Zadel, Zader, Zaden, Sadeu, Sadaneu, Zaduu, Sadu, Shadu, Sadov, Shadou, and Shadov.

Possible meanings of the name Zadnik in the parish of Slavina:

1. Assessor
2. Military guard
3. Sharpshooter

The name Zadnik was originally derived from the name Zadel. It was during the years 1810 - 1839 that it became an alternative name.
The surname Zadnik means Assessor.

(A person who makes assessments)
by Intelli July 13, 2009
37 11
A Bulgarian word for ass. Unusable in English.
The Bulgarian word "zadnik" means "ass" in English.
by Zu August 13, 2005
43 41
the end of your back where you sit
the anatomic organ you sit on
ti imash mnogo golqm zadnik be
by Kingto April 09, 2005
13 48