Zacking off is the act of masturbating in the shower using kiddy porn downloaded to an ipod or any other mobile video device. The device is usually placed in a ziplock bag to avoid water damage and being contaminated with bodily fluids.
Lee: Why does Zack always bring his phone with him to the shower?

Danny: Yea, I'm curious too since he takes 45 minutes to take a shower.

Lee: you think he's jacking off in there?

Danny: His name is Zack not Jack dumby.

Lee: I meant do you think he's zacking off in there?

Danny: haha yea i keep hearing weird moans coming from the bathroom and when he comes out he has the look of satisfactied on his face. He needs to wipe that smirk off.
by 6fingas December 25, 2009
Top Definition
1. Using a male pop star to wank off to.

2. Wanking it to Zac Effron.
Austin watched 17 Again and starting Zacking Off.
by TheIronLeaf August 21, 2009
(V) Term used for masturbation while wearing a magnum condom
Did you hear how loud Zack was in the shower when he was zackingoff?
by noenns January 05, 2010
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