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A legend of fucked up kids. Was one of the most fucked up kids to ever walk the halls of levittown schools.He was always screaming random shit and running through the hallways. Everyone would pick on him because he was the easiest target of a joke, he made you feel like you were meant to do something in life because when you looked at him you saw a fucked up human being that will never do anything with his life. He had a fucking light bulb hanging from his nose! Who the fuck has a light bulb hang from there nose? He never had friends, the only friend he ever had was fucking Matt “my suppra goes 150 mph down ocean parkway” Bernstien!! Everyday in lunch they would get into fights and it would entertain everyone. They fought about who was fatter, who the fuck cares who’s fatter? Your both pathetic fat assholes! He wasn’t the most athletic kid but sure was always making practice interesting, he attempts to jump and swing from a pole but falls and busts his ass and not one person helps him up they just run on top of him. He complains and screams out in the middle of wrestling practice “who stole my Nestle”? You want to know who stole your nestle? Mr. Gorman stole your nestle and he loved it! In lacrosse practice he would sit on a cone and have it fuck him in the ass for fun and not have it bother him at all, until coach Larkin would have to ask him to not get aroused more than he is. Then out of nowhere he disappears from Levittown! Not one person since then has come to cross paths with the infamous Zach Walchuck. “WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ZACHWALCHUCK”!!!!!!
ZackWalchuck get that cone outta ur ass and get in the game
by Jeff Wienbeck March 07, 2007
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