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Hot, Teenage boy or adorable young teenage with perfect straight teeth that has two hair colors and parts his hair going right. Real name would be Zach and His favorite animal would apparently be a triceratops. The boy adapts his name and his dino together and make a kickassss mofo. Got metal in his face for his triceratops horns. Preferably on his lip. Is known over myspace as this name. Hangs out with another dino-friend called "Prestadactyl".
1. "Dude! Did you see Zachaceratops today?!"

"Yeah dude! That kid is totally beast like his dinooos!"

2. "Hey, add my friend Zachaceratops on myspace."



3. "Where is Zachaceratops usually?"

"With his best friend and other kick ass dino mofo, Prestadactyl!"

"Mannn, those nukkas be tight yo!"
by DinoBook March 03, 2009

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