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A warm baloney sandwich served in prison.
by al Azif July 16, 2009
The last name of a line of ridiculously sexy, smart, handsome, and all-around good looking men.
Wow, he's perfect!

Yeah, I know. He's a Zabo.
by Bobazonski May 12, 2010
Zabo, or Zabo Racing, is the name of a Class-1 Powerboat team presently competing in the World Championship. The team was created in 2010, bringing together some of the most experienced names in Class-1 and professionals in every discipline.
Zabo are the first Carbon Zero Powerboat team
by Grinch Ted May 19, 2011
A word describing a girl who allows a guy to ford her.
see fording.
That zabo definently let him ford her last night.
by phuhs 2013 ib March 14, 2011
A saxaphone. A Jazz music term.
He plays a mean zabo.
by Emil February 29, 2004
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