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The most gorgeous girls in the entire world. Zabie tends to be blue eyed and strong. She also tends to be insecure... But people wonder why because she's too beautiful to doubt herself. She's great at making friends because she's so crazy and fun to be around. All the guys love checking her out because her ass looks amazing in any pair of jeans. She has a perfect body that she criticizes for its perfect imperfections. She's sweet and caring. Don't hurt Zabie because she takes things to heart and she can't deal with any more drama necessary. Zabie fits right in with the guys because of her hilarious jokes. Not to mention she's the smartest girl ever. Zabie's amazing. Love u honey.
Guy: "Dude what's that girls name?"

Friend: "Oh you mean the one who's totally out of your league?"

Guy: "Yes."

Friend: "That's Zabie she's smokin."

Guy: "Imma go talk to her."

Friend: "haha good luck with that."
by Coolest Cat ever August 11, 2013
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