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A unit of time; 3 hours 15 minutes. The exact run time of Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio
"I'll meet you in a Zaba so bring the pixie stix."
by PAINguin May 18, 2010
A king of all kings, a handsome young lad.
Person 1: Did you guy over there in Wendy's?

Person 2: Yes, he was a total Zaba!
by LilMissAlex April 28, 2011
A word originating in the small town Mize, Mississippi. It is used by youth to praise something or sarcastically give verbal praise.
"Was the man in the clock that said "Shangai Drunk Monkey" said teen-1

"Dude, that's worthy a Zaba" said teen-2
by lordzaba December 24, 2004

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