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The last place on Earth. It was originally founded by a crazy old man who named it ZZYZX since it would be the last word in the dictionary, and hence "the last place on Earth". Currently it's an abandoned town somewhere Between Las Vegas and LA.
ZZYZX is the last place on Earth.
by Oribi June 01, 2004
Like previously mentioned, "the last place on earth" simply due to the spelling. Currently designated by CalTrans as exit 239 on interstate 15.
What the hell you exiting here at Zzyzx for? There's nothing out here but miles and miles of miles and miles!
by ke6isf August 18, 2004
A road you hit driving from Vegas to LA, or back again.
Damn, 182 miles to vegas..we just passed ZZYZX.
by Califonication April 28, 2003
a research center in the western mojave desert in southern california
by Anonymous September 05, 2003

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