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ZOMBIE THOT, (synonym: Thot Juice Zombie)

n. A alcoholicly-self-aware, idividual; female : THOT & male : Mot; who willingly debrives themselvesof sleep, on average, a minimum of 4 -6 days & maximum 10 days-3 weeks, typically, between the ages of "min'ya bi... M*thaF*kn B.******tch.!!! Thru "age-is-just-a-number", who drinks Thot/ThotJuice, the A.K.A.s of Bud's Lima-Rita, as if it's a life sustaining, Fountain Of Youth or the answer to every problem or every quick-excuse cause for celebration.ZOMBIE THOT will Chuggin' Thot Juice either piss warm, out a red plastic cup, with half a cigarette floating on top or slurpin' with a straw, on the rocks, in a flute glass. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack.... Thot. Above all things, Zombie Thot is Ratchet, measured by degrees, ie. the aforementioned vessels and temperature tolorance, is either "In School" or has a job, and owing the dreaded, student loans, Absentee-Baby-Daddies Kids drink it, thinkin' it's spoiled Mountain Dew, stays up for hours drinking, and still after spilling, will suck floor, tries to buy 3/4/10 at the Ari Bodega, with food stamps, etc
After 3 days of Carousing during some alleged Holida, Zombie Thot kicked aside expired lottery scratch offs to get the kids and herself Mon morning breakfast..at 11am.. of, beacon, egg and cheese sandwitches, a soda, and 3/4/10 Thot Juice, paid with food stamps and Ari bodega store credit.
by AngelaEdie$UGAR!!! February 08, 2014