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ZI is an acronym from the game Cybernations meaning "Zero Infrastructure", in reference to a harsh military defeat in which the defeated nation's infrastructure is completely destroyed. Since national economies in the cyberverse rely on infrastructure, being "ZIed" is the Cyber Nations equivalent of being "knocked into the stone age".
The original ZI was issued to Duke of the alliance Magna by Pres. Alexander Uatu of the Grey Council. This set a president for regime leaders to exit the world stage and begin life anew or be forced to exist as a new nation indefinitely.
by anonymous6912 August 16, 2008
a gender-neutral term adopted by some GLBT people to refer to humans who do not identify with either specified gender.
A: what do you think of J?
B: Zi's pretty cool.
by marie drake March 09, 2004
(v) - laughing so hard you vomit a little (typically just in your mouth).

zi, zid, zis

pronounced: zee
While driving back from New York, Janelle told a joke that was so funny that it made Renee pull the car over to zi.
by wordy-galore February 10, 2010