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A code name for a wierd strong hippie guy. His motto is "save the animals or I kill u." He lifts wieghts and learns martial arts (mostly from video games) to eliminate "evil peoples like Dumbski." Somehow he has a good gf. It is little known why this is his nickname because he is asociated more with dragons and tigers.
U ate a bunny! I kill u!
by Z-Panda April 06, 2003
1. Someone who has absolutely no life.
2. SOmeone who's muscles are bigger than his brains.
3. Someone whose muscles are absolutely non-existant
4. Someone who cannot be any more gay than he is now....
5. supipoop luvs **** ...............srry that was totally irrelevent
Z-Panda's fuck friend runs away with his pubic hair
by me! April 06, 2003
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