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A strange small-footed evil redhead kid. He likes to eat babies and skrew inanimite objects. He also likes to make very bad insults because he is depressed about losing most of his genitals in an "AXE"ident involving a stuffed panda bear. "Mike" is his bitch.
Dumbski skrewed a pineapple yesterday.
by Z-Panda April 06, 2003
A code name for a wierd strong hippie guy. His motto is "save the animals or I kill u." He lifts wieghts and learns martial arts (mostly from video games) to eliminate "evil peoples like Dumbski." Somehow he has a good gf. It is little known why this is his nickname because he is asociated more with dragons and tigers.
U ate a bunny! I kill u!
by Z-Panda April 06, 2003

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