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Yzzy is one of the sweetest things you will ever encounter as you walk across this earth. She will dazzleyou with her wit and her sweet charm. She will entertain you with her imagination and sense of adventure. When you are with Yzzy there is never a dull moment. She has an infectious personality that makes you love her instantaneously. Her beauty is immeasurable. If you are an Yzzy you are truly beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. She is loved by most and those who do not fall under her spell change their minds after knowing her, unless they are of the foolish kind. She is a wonderful, wonderful creature who will make you a better person just for being in her life. If you have the luck to have an Yzzy in your life you are truly blessed.
That girl is soo amazing, she must be an Yzzy !
by Baddest Biotchh(: October 10, 2011
A girl who is nonchalant about everything and pretends she doesn't care, but she really does. She can also be a fruitcake, sweet on the outside, nutty on the inside <3
"OMG, !"


"You're soo weirdly awesome, you must be an Yzzy!"
by Soccerstarrrz#13 October 11, 2011

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