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A female who flaunts herself as slutty, dependent, stupid, a liar, selfish, attention seeker, manipulates people, a hypocrite, and materialistic. Basically anything negative.
"Oh man that girl is so mean to her boyfriend!"

"Yeah, she's such a yuuki!"
by takinmymoneyback February 14, 2010
18 25
an object with a hot mom
ho crap that yuuki has a hot mom!
by FlipM0nkey0o June 22, 2003
59 45
Yoyo champion of 2002 or doing 1337 yoyo moves.
Dan is on Yuuki mode!
by BLazE June 12, 2003
39 29
Another form of saying "toookie" or "doookie" which is slang for "shit". therefore the word "yuuki" is just a beaten up slang form to say "shit"
I really have to take a yuuki!
by No Limits June 22, 2003
14 29