A female who flaunts herself as slutty, dependent, stupid, a liar, selfish, attention seeker, manipulates people, a hypocrite, and materialistic. Basically anything negative.
"Oh man that girl is so mean to her boyfriend!"

"Yeah, she's such a yuuki!"
by takinmymoneyback February 14, 2010
Top Definition
Yoyo champion of 2002 or doing 1337 yoyo moves.
Dan is on Yuuki mode!
by BLazE June 12, 2003
an object with a hot mom
ho crap that yuuki has a hot mom!
by FlipM0nkey0o June 22, 2003
Another form of saying "toookie" or "doookie" which is slang for "shit". therefore the word "yuuki" is just a beaten up slang form to say "shit"
I really have to take a yuuki!
by No Limits June 22, 2003
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