Synonym of "yes".
"Is it cold outside?"

by Fetus January 10, 2003
combination of "yes" and "yup"
"Yus thats my coke."

by SoKal2390 December 28, 2006
A combination between Yup and Yes
Means Yes
Yus you may emily
by Mr.SeanWalsh May 07, 2011
a sexy yes.
"you're looking hot."

by ninapee October 06, 2011
A term most often used when two people agree on a word in exclamation. It is the word "Yes" and "Us" contrived into one word, leaving out the unnecessary vowel "e" because that letter is closely related to "me".
Chris: "I have a turkey sandwich."

Jaswana: "I don't eat meat. I'm vegetarian."

Chris: "Okay, I will take out the turkey and we can share."

Jasawna and Chris: "YUS!"
by C.G. Michael April 20, 2013
What Colin replies to most questions
"Alright Col?"...... "Yus"
by keefdave June 09, 2003
originally originating from Shrewsbury by a young nymphomaniac called Emma.
Are you going to pounce tonight?


Do you mean that?

by Neil February 21, 2005

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