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Strip malls most commonly seen in the format of:

-A Starbucks or other coffee shop. almost ALWAYS a starbucks.

-Noodles & Co.

-Qdoba or Chipotle. interchangeable.

-sometimes a random cell phone provider shop can be thrown in, or anything else that provides a service to the general yuppie. Einstein Bagel Bros. is also an option.

To be a yuppie compound, it must contain at least three of these requirements. otherwise it's just a normal hipster magnet.
Example 1>
person 1:"Hey dude, I could really go for some coffee and a down?"

person 2:"Fuck that pansy shit. I want a huge ass burrito from Qdoba!"

person 3:"you do realize that qdoba's right next to starbucks, and overpriced accordingly?"

person 2:"fuck...let me grab my macbook then. let's go."

Example 2>
"Holy shit Greg, guess what? They're putting a Qdoba in that strip mall over by the AT&T store and Starbucks...Yuppie Compound complete!"
by Danger Rick February 09, 2009
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