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short for "Yuliana" or a name for boys that's being hautely used for girls now. Yulies are AWESOME, a BIT vain, smart, entertaining, riveting( like those movies) and much MUCH more!
Izzy :"I wanna be a Yuli!!"
Yuli: "You WISH"
by Yuli(duh..) T. March 29, 2005
Pretty, sweet, and innocent...until she trips you!...

A Yuli is a highly intelligent female with a whole lot of spunk when it's time to have fun. But she is mostly just being diligent all of the time, which makes the people around her miss her!

Yulis always have the best ideas when they do have time for fun but how? Yulis never sleep and yet somehow their brains work better than everyone else's.
Yeah she must be a Yuli.
by chicshoeschick October 06, 2010
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