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young f**ker, child, kid, young person
The yucker was in grade school.

The yucker was shopping with his parents.
by Sam Sawyer October 16, 2010
A stone, rock or brick that is quite big but small enough to throw. It's the throwing aspect that turns it from an inanimate object into a yucker.
Me: See that big ding in the car door ?

Wife: God sake! How did that happen ?

Me: It was these wee bastards next door. They must have fired a yucker at it last night. I heard them laughing and running away.
by ramsay tupper October 14, 2005
A fun word thats used instead of "ew" or just plain ole "yuck". Use this word to describe someones actions or appearance.
Your friend is trying to hook you up with one of their friends that you never saw in your life. You go along with it until you actually meet him/her in person. Depending on how ugly he/she is you'd scream or whisper "YUCKERS"
by CintaaStarr June 18, 2009
1. Noun. A person that vicerally makes your skin crawl and makes you gag at the sight of them. The thought of having any physical contact with them makes you nauseous.

That fat mother-fucker is a real yucker!

Did you get a load of the pucker on that yucker? She could suffocate you with one kiss.
by Inovation November 03, 2005
An extremely overweight female who wears tight fitting clothes and likes to pick up guys while intoxicated.
I went to the Viaduct last night and man you should have seen this Yucker.
by roundboy March 27, 2005
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