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pronounced YUS-rah(short 'u' sound), YEZ-ra, or YASS-rah.

1. noun. any human with significantly high anxiety and paranoia problems.

2. adj. used to describe an animate being of superb intellect, observational skills, quick wit, and Egyptian-like hand gestures packed with attitude.

3. noun. the sound of tintinabulation one hears in the darkest hour of night when they are between a REM cycle and the start of a dream.

4. adj. hott
1.Ever since her pigeons ran away(actually flew) she's been such a yssra.

2. Daaaaaaaamn! When David rolled his eyes at her, she went yssra on him. I was about to get him some ice for that burn she gave him.

3. The yssra I heard last night was soothing, it put me to sleep.

4.She's Yssra.
by amna e. February 19, 2009
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