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A great looking guy who always smells great. The type of guy every girl is looking for.
Ariana: I can't wait to see my Yovan!
by Kakopan February 07, 2009
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Yovan is as unique as his name. There arent many out there who you can say are perfect, but Yovan is. When you look into his gorgeous brown eyes, you lose all sense of time and cant stop smiling. And when you run your fingers through his brown locks you giggle because of how soft it is and how good it smells. Yovan is someone you can count on, he listens and always tries to help. He is one of the best people to have by your side, but respect and loyalty must go both ways. He is also not someone you want to upset because he is as mean as he is sweet. Yovan is someone you want to marry and be the father of your children.
by KTL99 January 08, 2017
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