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One who will record any video with a mediocre plot and has about as much skill at acting as any other person on Youtube. Common qualities in a youtube actor contain constant smiling, messing the script up and the same face throughout the entire video (usually a smile because what they think they're doing is hilarious when it usually isn't).
Guy: Man I hated that video, those guys were such youtube actors.
by Halloween2011 April 23, 2011
A self obsessed person who feels that the entire world needs to see them on youtube and hear their opinions when as a matter of fact they make lame, uninteresting and fake videos which waste peoples time.
Dude 1: You seen that new vid on youtube of real ghost caught on camera, so funny.

Dude 2: nah it's not man, it's so badly done by those self obsessed youtube actors.
by yo gee blaaaa December 06, 2010
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