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A sexy, funloving, guy, with lots of attitude and awesome hats. He also must have a big house, if he is to achieve true Yousuf-ness, and an awesome pillar outside his door!
Girl 1: What happened last night?!?!
Girl 2: Chill girl, i met a Yousuf ;)
Girl 1: Oh! Fo real? Lucky Bitch!
by TheMindFreak September 02, 2009
A prodigious and recondite being, he wanders the earth conveying people to the veridical path.

He also bears the encumbrance of a nonsensically large penis, which is ever augmenting.

He should aussi display a dissipated amount of hubris et chutzpah. To achieve vrai Yousuf-ness, he has to piss

people off and make them feel bad de temps en temps.

He should also mix languages up for no apparent reason and not be a homosexual.
Person 1:
I was a Yousuf once.
I want to be like a Yousuf one day.
I WILL be like a Yousuf one day!

Person 2:
No, you cannot, because you are a homosexual.
A young male who doesnt swear and happens to be really cool. In addition he is also comparatively quite mature. A yousuf also MAY have extremely large genitals.
However, to be a true yousuf you have to wear spectacles!
Teacher: If you dont sober up and become a yousuf I will send you to the principal

To friend: OMG you just said WTF and to think I thought you were a yousuf.

Stop trying to be a yousuf on front of that chick, its just not you.
by 34578966 November 27, 2010
ghetto princess slash geek,

or just a cool dude with a booty.
damnnnn yousuf is flyyyy !!
by batshoes June 11, 2008
A person with a BIG, LARGE, GREAT, a whale of a, ample, awash, brimming, bulky, bull, burly, capacious, chock-full, colossal, commodious, considerable, copious, crowded, enormous, extensive, fat, full, gigantic, heavy-duty, heavyweight, hefty, huge, hulking, humongous*, husky, immense, jumbo, mammoth, massive, mondo, monster, oversize, packed, ponderous, prodigious, roomy, sizable, spacious, strapping, stuffed, substantial, super colossal, thundering, tremendous, vast, voluminous, walloping, whopper and whopping DICK
Spelt Y O U S U F not any other way Yousuf.
by BiggestDickEverAlive December 02, 2013
A arrogant egyptian guy with the most minuscule 'p' (cause you can't even call it a penis..too small.) He has a huge jerk personality though especially when dealing with a western woman who apart from having more balls than most men, has a clit bigger than his wee little 'p.' Also smokes a lot of cheap egyptian wee (cause you can't call it weed) while sulking about the fact that the penis enlarger and pills to make your penis grow didn't work.
Germen: Yousuf! when I agreed to marry you over the internet I assumed you were a MAN! I have to call off the wedding!
Yousuf: Shhhhh...not so loud, look I bought this 7" dildo just for you as a wedding present.
by AlphaRomeo* December 05, 2013
Exposure to high enough quantities of marijuana and condoms that the testicles of the body literally fall due to crotch rot.
I have to go to the doctor because after 3 hours in Tijuana I have suffered a yousuf.
by DaShroomz February 07, 2009
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