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A term commonly referred to a massive dummyt spit on parenting forums when someone says something the poster doesnt like.

Youse are all bitches is the ulitmate dummy spit and often means that the person who has done a YAAB will crank up another online id and then do another YAAB
I joined this site some time ago but didn't have a lot of time to browse it until about a week ago. Since that time I'm sad to say that I've seen some of the nastiest most childish behaviour on display outside of a schoolyard and Youse are all bitches.

* A foreign poster's poor knowledge of English was mocked, and then she was called a troll
* A poster's grammatical errors were pointed out, in the rudest, most superior way possible
* An enthusiastic breastfeeder accused formula users of being "guilt ridden" and needing "therapy"
* A poster was falsely accused of using a double identity, apparently not for the first time
* A really disturbing one-upmanship thread about private schools and who here was the most "relaxed" parent, which ended up quite stalkerish
This shows youse are all bitches

I think some (not all, but quite a few) regular posters here need to take a good hard look at themselves, because to an outsider, you come across as nasty, childish and vindictive. It's no wonder this place is getting such a bad

so just fuck off, cos Youse are all bitches
by sprungagain May 27, 2011
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