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The scrabble cheaters version of "yours". Say you don't have the proper letters to spell "yours" but you happen to have an "n" and that triple word square is just begging to be won. You take this opportunity to throw caution into the wind and make up a word. Congratulations. Cheater.
"I'm going to beat you at yourn own game by making up a word in scrabble. lol."
by bunq April 04, 2009
27 19

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second person general possessional pronoun; origin probably from following analogy: my is to mine, as your is to yourn
"my shits is mine, your shits is yourn" - lil wayne
by joe hong February 04, 2005
27 23
A quicker and more convenient (lazy) way of saying "yours"
Who's pizza is that? I think it's yourn
by Aidan Brooks June 01, 2005
14 27