"Yung-gle" - A woman who has the beginning of a jungle of a bush downstairs but has no more than 2 1/2 inches of hair

- The makings of a jungle bush.
Man, I went down on this one chick that recently stopped shaving, she had a youngle.
#bush #young #jungle #pubic #hair #woman
by Snikda December 09, 2010
Top Definition
An active young person.

Youngle is a combination of "young" and "jungle" and it represents a new youth movement "Listen to the Youngle" that tries to empower young people to be proactive in their lives.

A youngle is a young person that is active, participates in various activities, is creative, knows what he/she wants from life and strives to get it.
You're so youngle!
#youth #young #jungle #active #joungle #yungle #joung #jung
by Uurshy November 30, 2012
An individual who is both of a young age and a single status. Young + Single=Youngle
Oh look at those kids, wouldn't it be great to be youngle again!
#young #single #youngle #alone #kid
by Springbow February 20, 2010
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