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2 punks who got dissed badly by Money Mike, one of the pimpest pimp around.
Hey Chris tell Neefi his thong is son loves the Young Gunz, he's seven.
by aaaaammeess September 30, 2005
Chris and Neef
.State Property
.Cant Stop wont stop
non needed
by OUTLAST November 20, 2003
a powerful young group thats coming up fresh out of philly with a major label Rocafella Records. the group only has two members Young Chris, and Neef Buck. they are both 19 years old. and they recenly just have an album come out called "Tough Luv" you should buy it.
Comin up i thought cupid was stupid
Only two loves, my family and music
Fallen through somethin, jus couldnt do it
It was the beginin of time
And you was like nine but god damn you was fine
Use to stay on my mind
When i was out on my grind
Open up the bags when im choppin my dimes
There in the spindell
Stood by me from the windows
Popped up mad shit with me and got me rentals
by LloydBanksgurl March 10, 2004

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