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Great website, and deserves it's popularity. You can find practically ANY video you want. Music videos, fights, movie clips, trailers, and the list goes on.

The problem with the site is the many teenage kids pretending to be 30+ trolling videos, and not knowing how to spell or type properly.
- YouTube Music Video-

OptimisticUser12128991228: This video was cool. Thanks for uploading it!

ConstructiveCritic806970: I don't really like music singer, but thanks for uploading anyway.

Dumbass13YearOldTroll: omg u suk so fukin much. u deserv 2 burn in hell. i hate diz video so much, even tho i was moronic enuff 2 serch it on utube!
by Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd January 31, 2009

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