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A statement that can be made to any man at any point in his life or career. From 18 to 80 every man wants to believe that he is barely walking on the edge of acceptable behavior.

Must be said in an awed or exuberant fashion. (a woman can say it in any manner except contempt and it will always work) Can be used to toadie or attempt to extract a favor due to their heightened sense of danger.
Boss: Jenkins I just closed the ACME account, I want you to get to work on it.

Jenkins: Yes sir, You're a wild man.

Boss: (smiles, straightens tie and considers Jenkins his most perceptive employee)

Spike: I just made a prudent purchase of blue chip stocks.

Mike: You're a wild man, we should go get some drinks.

Joe: I thought we might go to a movie after dinner.

Jenna: You're a wild man.
by dugefrsh February 19, 2010

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