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Plural of you and is a real word
'Yous should come visit Buckingham palace sometime' -Queen Elizabeth the second
by thisisarealwordsorry October 08, 2013
Commonly used in Jersey City. Part of the Jersey City lingo.
YOUS yelled at the baby!
by Dylan Ritter November 12, 2008
When a Baltimoron (stupid Baltimore resident) really should say "you"
Hey, hon' if yous goin' to the liquor store pick me up some Natty Boh!
by Poorsche December 23, 2009
You is the term used in sexual intercause by meaning give me it harder. A girl will sceam the word for more amd it tells you to give her more pleasure. Sometimes also used in oral sex by the male shouting you as he demands to cum quicker.
"You" !!! " ah give me more!! Qucler " You
by J/O/R/D/A/N April 20, 2010
Are Beautiful
u should know that and no one has the right to tell you that
by -youdontneedtoknow December 09, 2010
yous is the way you write the word "use" when you're chatting with more than 6 people in different languages at the same time. It might also happens while being under the effect of.... substances
cool so we can yous this trick
by mrmojo July 17, 2012
Full of shit.
It true... you fullashit.
by radiobehaviour September 06, 2009