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Something commonly said to someone if they happen to be knowledgeable on something sad, pathetic, or sick.
Brian: Hey Joe, Why do you play computer games all your life?

Joe: What the fuck are you talking about? It only takes an average of 4026 hours 43 minutes and 7 seconds to get all the max levels on runescape.

Brian: You would know... you would know...

Example 2
Conner:There are so many date rape drugs these days People who use them drugs are just sad because they can't get any.

James: Um...rohypnol, ketamine, burundanga, and rohibitril are the only ones commonly used. Besides they only knock someone out for a max of 24 hours... so don't talk shit about date rapists.

Conner: You would know... you would know...
by 99 archerman June 07, 2009
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