Basically a statement said to acknowledge how incredibly trashed someone is. You can say it to acknowledge someone else or you can say it to acknowledge how messed up you are.

If you are on another level of fucked up you can also respond that you are the clock. Who ever is the most fucked up is the clock.
B: "You know what time it is!"

A:"Do you know what time it is!?"
B:"Bitch, I'm the clock!"

A:"You know what time it is!!!"

A:"Dude, he knows what time it is."
B:"Bro, he is the clock"
by roll_model December 15, 2011
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A statement relating to going to the bar and making everyone else know they are also required to go to the bar. Usually responded with the word 'MONEY' from everyone else who are heading to the bar.
A: "You know what time it is!"

A: "You know what time it is!"

A: "You know what time it is!"
by Mayneman June 23, 2015

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