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For the male version see: You Fancy Man!

1.What your mother calls your girlfriend
2.What your dad calls your female best friends
3.What your friend calls your female teacher when they're fooling around

Indicates whoever uses it is an embarrasing homo.

Your Mum:Whoa Tania..Pretty nails..Manicure?
Tania(Ur GF):Um..Yeh (smiles)
Your Mum:ha ha Ooo....You Fancy Chicken!
You:*almost wetting yourself laughing, not*

Ur Dad:So girls doing you hair eh? You Fancy Chickens!
Ur friend:..Ur dad's a homo...Pass me the straighteners and the...Purple hair dye..I don't like blue much anymore...

Ur Frnd:Hey Mrs Janet Garrison!...Um...Can you tell me what this country is
Mrs Garrison:*slaps you* That's america you son of a bitch!
Ur Frnd:Wowzaz..How did u know that, You Fancy Chicken!.
by FucktardedScarecrow August 04, 2009
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