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great song by Phish.

Halfway through the song are the only clearly comprehensible lyrics in the song: "Boy! … Man! … God! … Shit!," followed by a line whose meaning has perpetually been subject to discussion until it was settled by an issue of Guitar World. After many interpretations including, "Wash your feet then drive me into a frenzy", it was revealed to be "wash uffize drive me to firenze" in a Guitar World issue that included the tablature for the song.
One possible explanation for this line is that "Uffizi" is a pun on an Italian-accented pronunciation of the words "your feet." Uffizi is a museum the pair visited in Firenze, or Florence, Italy. At a spring near Uffizi, it is reported that they washed their feet. One theory is that the quoted Italian hailed from this area — in which case the meaning of the song as a whole becomes clearer.
Wash uffizi and drive me to firenze -you enjoy myself-Phish
by harpua. January 04, 2010
Putyourfaceindriveintovelensa...or something like that
you enjoy myself is a super dope phish song
by montana is gay March 22, 2004