When an individual vomits on a person, person, place or thing
"I yoshied all over that girl's face, and that guy was yoshi-ing in my bed!!"
by Aleiana April 26, 2010
1.A green dinosaur from the Mario universe who made his debut in Super Mario World. 2.To lick a girl's vagina.
1.Yoshi is like a Car except that he is a dinosaur and Mario's bitch. 2.Last Night I did a Yoshi to that Girl who lives down the block.
by PHILRYABKIN March 02, 2009
The fat bitch in a group of fine ass girls.(Their's always one.) The fat one in the group that also cock blocks because no one wants her ass.
Man, I almost had that girl's number for the late night hook up. Then the Yoshi came up and blocked.
by bigdawg7680 April 16, 2009
to lie obscenely through your teeth, and immediately change your stance once called out on the false statement.
1: hey dude, i heard microsoft went bankrupt
2: ORLY?
1: yea, apple sued them.
2: dont bullshit me!
1: i meant that they lost some money.

2: dude, 1 is so stupid, thinks that microsoft went bankrupt
3: hahahaha he pulled a yoshi
by JVeezy June 16, 2007
A yoshi is another word for a big dirrrrty double chin! unlucky kids if u have a huge yoshi! Many fat people own yoshi's they come in all shapes and sizes.
deek that kid's huge yoshi!
by Lorenzo22 February 05, 2008

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